Unveiling Sheikha Moza's Double Standards:

Accountability for Hostages in Gaza

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar presents herself as a champion of humanitarian causes,
but beneath the surface lies a troubling reality. As the mother of the Emir of Qatar and a
prominent figure in global philanthropy, Sheikha Moza’s influence extends far and wide.
However, her involvement in the plight of hostages, including eight Americans, held in Gaza
reveals a stark contrast to her public image.

While Sheikha Moza touts her efforts in promoting education and women’s rights, her
silence on the issue of hostages in Gaza speaks volumes. Despite her vast resources and
connections, she has failed to use her influence to secure the release of these innocent

Qatar’s ties to extremist groups and its support for terrorist organizations like Hamas raise
serious questions about Sheikha Moza’s true agenda. As the matriarch of modern Qatar, she
bears a moral responsibility to address these issues and advocate for the freedom of the
The time has come to unmask Sheikha Moza’s hypocrisy and hold her accountable for her
inaction. Join us in demanding transparency and accountability from Sheikha Moza and
Qatar. Together, we can ensure the freedom of the hostages and prevent further tragedies.

Sign the petition to call
HH Sheikha Moza to use her power to release the hostages from Gaza